What Does Dr. Luke Have to Say About the Treatment of High Cholesterol



     Hou Xi Wu came back from his daughter’s house one night after eating some Jiaozi.  He had eaten a lot and felt quite full.  Later in the evening he noticed that the fullness in his stomach had not gone away.  In fact the fullness had moved up into his chest and he became a little short of breath.  Both the shortness of breath and the fullness in his chest did not go away.  In fact both became worse over an hour.  So much in fact that he called his daughter who lived a few blocks away.  She came over immediately and noticed that he looked weak.  He also was very sweated and complained of severe tightness in his chest.  Soon after arriving he threw up.  She called an ambulance. They arrived and gave him some oxygen and took him immediately to the hospital.  There are the hospital he had many blood tests done.  His EKG showed that he had a heart attack that evening.  His chest pain got worse despite medications and later that evening his heart completely stopped. The doctors were not able to resucitate him and he died.  During the initial evaluation some blood work was done.  The blood work showed that among other things his cholesterol was elevated. In fact to quite a high level.  Talking with his daughter they found out that he had never had his cholesterol checked.  However, several of his brothers had died of supposed heart attacks as well as his father. Was there a relation between high cholesterol and the heart attack?